Traditional media alone is no longer effective! Converging traditional mediums with mobile marketing is now the most effective way to get consumers to interact with your company and the brands/products that they are interested in.

Stated simply, mobile phones are now the center of communication for every type of media advertising.

Initially, a mobile marketing campaign is not based on directly marketing to your target audience, but more about your target audience agreeing to learn more about your company. As the campaign evolves, targeted messages and relevant offers can be sent to consumers. It is very important to begin this type of interaction with consumers as soon as possible, since recent studies show that consumers generally "opt-in" to receive updates from only one company in each specific industry.

WOW! Branded Mobile Solutions offers complete mobile marketing programs that can include every facet of today's mobile technology. The WOW! advantage is that as opposed to dealing with separate companies' single medium platforms, WOW! has the flexibility to merge all campaigns together to attract the highest number of responses based on a consumers preference.

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This site is designed as an informative sales aid and guide to our products and programs. If you would like to learn more about how WOW! Branded Mobile Solutions can help your marketing efforts, please contact your local PPAI/ASI/SAGE Promotional Products Distributor for additional information. If you do not have or cannot locate a promotional products distributor, you can use the links below to locate a distributor.

Each day, an increasingly large number of people are viewing your website with their mobile devices. Are you giving them a good mobile experience that delivers the information they seek in a well formatted and easy-to-use manner? Business that do not have well designed mobile sites are considered to be behind the times, and what does that say about their products and services in the eyes of tech-savvy individuals who are part of a rapidly growing consumer movement? Make sure that every mobile visitor to your website gets a good impression about your company´s product and service offerings.

Quality mobile websites are now very easy to set up, and are less costly to build and maintain than traditional websites. Our solutions can enhance mobile browsing by:

-Displaying properly on mobile devices
-Focusing on the most often sought information
-Quick access to product information PDFs
-Feedback and contact submission forms
-Special offers and promotions for mobile visitors
-Easily integrates with text (SMS) and QR code campaigns

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WOW! Text provides 2-way text messaging (SMS) which allows you to capture the attention of interested individuals and then interact with them via their mobile device. A text message campaign is very simple: advertise a unique keyword inviting people to text it to a specified 5 or 6 digit number (short code). Once they do, they receive an instant reply confirming that they are signed up. You can then engage them by providing relevant information or promotions or even product PDFs, all while gathering vital information such as phone numbers and email addresses.

Consumers rely on their mobile devices to get to the information they want exactly when they need it.

-New Product Information
-Sales and Special Promotions
-Finding Nearest Locations
-Obtaining Account Balances
-Contests, Sweepstakes, and Games

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Tag! It´s not just a game anymore! QR (Quick Response) codes are a type of bar code that can be decoded using a mobile device with a QR code reader. Once decoded, the mobile device will perform a myriad of functions based on what the code was programmed to do when scanned. QR codes are now showing up on national marketing campaigns via promotional posters, online, billboards, flyers, business cards, along with newspaper and magazine ads. QR codes can point a mobile phone to your web page, download product PDFs, or even direct the user to products on an e-commerce website.

We are constantly developing more and more business-class and marketing functionality for QR codes including:

-Direct a phone´s browser to a specific web page
-Send an SMS text message or email
-Place a phone call
-Capture text
-Add a contact or calendar event
-Locate a position on a map

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Do you lose money when clients do not show for appointments, or accurately remember deadlines that require action on their part? Of course you do, and now there is a solution that will save you time and money by sending out custom text messages, email reminders and voice broadcasts to your clients/patients. Reminders can be customized to be sent at any time before an appointment or event, reducing costly no-shows.

WOW! Reminders is the perfect solution for:

-Doctor and Dental Offices
-Hospitals and Pharmacies
-Law Offices and Courthouses
-Beauty Salons and Spas
-Delivery Companies
-Home Services and Installers

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